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Asia-Pacific Climate Week 2023: All about peatlands

Published by: Caroline on February 7, 2024 Author:

At Asia-Pacific Climate Week 2023 (13-17 November 2023), peatlands were well represented in a range of events co-hosted by the GPI:

    Balancing act – Peatland management and water resource sustainability (15 November 2023): This side event co-hosted by the GPI and the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) addressed challenges and opportunities in tropical peatland conservation and water resource management, presenting key perspectives and lessons learned for concrete steps integrated and strategies that provide socio-economic benefits to communities while contributing to national and global commitments.

    Advancing peatland restoration – Unlocking private investment for a sustainable future (15 November 2023): At this event, the GPI outlined the challenges in peatland restoration efforts in a discussion on innovative financing for peatland protection, conservation, and restoration, with an emphasis on the importance of engaging local communities to identify innovation, what works best on the ground and to maximize benefit sharing and co-leadership for conservation and restoration projects and plans.

    Enhancing peatland conservation – Advancements in carbon measurement (16 November 2023): At this side event, participants gained insights into the latest carbon measurement technologies and strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from peatlands. A panel discussion featuring experts and practitioners in peatland conservation, carbon measurement, and policy development was held and the discussion covered topics such as methodology for calculating GHG from ground water level, best practices, and policy development.


Photo credit: CIFOR.

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