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Africa Climate Week 2023: Sustainable investment for climate action

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At last year’s Africa Climate Week in Nairobi (4-8 September 2023), the GPI teamed up with UN-REDD (read their account here) and the Climate Champions as well as Wetlands International, Leeds University, CongoPeat and the Greifswald Mire Centre to co...

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Africa Climate Week 2023: Sustainable investment for climate action

07 February, 2024

Global Peatlands Assessment: Africa chapter results showcased at UNFCCC COP28

07 February, 2024

The GPI at UNFCCC COP28: Enabling the triple win for tropical peatland countries and more

07 February, 2024

UNFCCC COP28: Towards a global stocktake for peatlands

07 February, 2024

Press release: Peatland protection pays off - Massive conservation and restoration is needed

20 September, 2023

Region Africa

Dialogues and Assessment of Transboundary Peatlands in the Kagera Sub-Basin of Nile Basin project kicks off in Nyamata, Rwanda

24 August, 2023

Region Europe

LIFE Peatland Platform 2023: ESG as a driver for wetlands rewetting and restoration

07 July, 2023

Special Issue Sustainability Journal: Emerging Voices on Tropical Peatland Conservation and Restoration

07 June, 2023

GPI Workshop at Québec RE3 Conference 2023: “From Reclaiming to Restoring and Rewilding”

01 June, 2023