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52nd International Forestry Students’ Symposium (IFSS)

Published by: Caroline on May 23, 2024

52nd International Forestry Students’ Symposium (IFSS)

Romania is hosting the 52nd IFSS from 19th of August to 1st of September 2024, the first IFSS in the country’s history, providing participants from all over the globe with the opportunity to learn about our country and its forests.

The focus will be on presenting the Forestry history of our country, as well as the modern-day challenges. Most importantly, we will introduce you to the romanian wildlife and the impact of the large carnivores which, magnificent as they are, can potentially pose a danger to farmers and humans.

In the those two weeks you will be sticking around with us, we plan to roam the most important places in Romania: you will visit the notorious Danube Delta, well-known as a unique biodiversity hotspot of Romania & Europe; you will see the desert of Oltenia, one of the 6 located on european grounds, and hike the imposing Transylvanian Alps; you will ride the rafts at Bistrița, that Romanians used over 100 years ago to transport wood and cereals…the full picture of endless wilderness!

Event information

  • 19 / 08 / 2024
  • International Forestry Students' Association (IFSA)
  • Romania
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