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Global Peatlands Assessment: Africa chapter results showcased at UNFCCC COP28

Published by: Caroline on February 7, 2024 Author:

Continuing the regional promotion of the Global Peatlands Assessment (GPA), the event The State of Africa’s Peatlands: Insights from the Global Peatlands Assessment (GPA) on 9 December 2023 showcased the main findings from the regional assessment on African peatlands at the 28th Conference of the Parties of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP28).

The event highlighted a case study on the Cuvette Centrale peatlands in the Congo Basin, emphasizing their global significance. Discussions encompassed peatland hotspots and included recommendations for policy options guiding actions toward the conservation, restoration, and sustainable management of African peatlands. Additionally, the event facilitated discussions on ongoing collaborative efforts among diverse stakeholders dedicated to supporting peatland initiatives across Africa. Catch up on the full recording here.


Dr Ifo Suspense Averti presents the findings of the Africa chapter of the Global Peatlands Assessment (GPA) at UNFCCC COP28.

GPA outreach efforts are actively ongoing, involving a series of events, workshops, and webinars aiming to disseminate and amplify the assessment's global and regional findings. The goal is to inspire action in policy, research, and practical initiatives for peatland conservation, restoration, and sustainable management. The series is being organized by regional chapters, also including the global chapters, and is being carried out during June 2023 - August 2024. All of the webinars are being recorded to maximize accessibility, and uploaded to the GPI’s relaunched website and GPI YouTube channel for further promotion.

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