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APCW side event: Needs-based Finance (NBF): Mobilization for Scaled-up Regional Climate Action - Consultation Session and Peer Exchange

Theme Economics / Finance mechanisms

APCW side event: Enhancing Peatland Conservation - Advancements in carbon measurement

Theme Restoration

APCW side event: Balancing Act: Peatland Management and Water Resource Sustainability

APCW side event: Advancing Peatland Restoration – Unlocking Private Investment for a Sustainable Future

Theme Restoration

Country Canada

Webinaire "L’état de santé des tourbières au Canada – Priorités de restauration"

Theme Restoration

Country Canada

Webinar: The state of health of peatlands in Canada - Restoration priorities

Region Europe

Peatlands in Europe and the way forward: Insights from the Global Peatland Assessment

COP28 side event: “Towards a global stocktake for peatlands and other high-carbon ecosystems: status and scaling up potential”