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GPI Research Working Group training session: Post-COP27 peatland heritage with the GPI

  • English

This short online session highlights progress on the protection, role and future of heritage (focussing on tangible but including intangible) in peatland rehabilitation/restoration programmes. The archaeological, palaeoecological and historical records are part of the 'cultural ecosystem services' (CES) provided by peatlands, although incorporation and recognition of the value of these and related aspects, have until recently often been poorly integrated or marginalised in many programmes and initiatives. This working group session reflects on progress and future prospects and challenges following focus on aspects of heritage in sessions at COP26 and 27, the publication of Peatland Code V2 and related developments. Invited speakers will present short case studies outlining how heritage protection, mitigation and promotion can act to enhance and support peatland policy in the UN Decade On Ecosystem Restoration. A further aim of the session is to connect and develop links between individuals and groups working on peatland heritage, and to assist organisations who wish to incorporate heritage into current and future programmes, projects and policies.

Programme and speakers:

  • Welcome and Introduction: Dr Benjamin Gearey & Dr Rosie Everett (University College Cork)
  • Short papers:
    • Integrating the Historic Environment into peatland restoration: successes from southwest England: Prof Ralph Fyfe (University of Plymouth, UK)
    • Practical approaches to cultural heritage in UK peatland restoration programmes: Kat Hopwood-Lewis (Natural England, UK)
    • Peatland Restoration: Digging the Dark Stuff: Emily Stewart Rayner (Yorkshire Peat Partnership, UK)
    • Bridging natural and cultural heritage management: action perspectives for present and former raised bog areas in the Netherlands: Dr Roy van Beek (Wageningen University, Netherlands) & Dr Maurice Paulissen (Open Universiteit Heerlen, Netherlands)
  • Questions and short discussion
  • Future plans/Close