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APCW 2023: Advancing peatland restoration: Private investment for a sustainable future (15/11/2023)

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Peatlands play a critical role in carbon sequestration, biodiversity preservation, and mitigating climate change impacts. However, their conservation and restoration often demand innovative approaches and collaborative efforts. Private sector involvement in financing peatland conservation and restoration is essential to enable large-scale climate action both for mitigation and adaptation gains.

Exploring innovative financing models is crucial, benefiting both the environment and the livelihoods of communities residing in and around peatland areas. It is imperative, however, that financing serves the interests and well-being of these communities while ensuring the health of the peatland ecosystem upon which they depend. While financing is essential, it must be coupled with active engagement and sustainable practices to truly make a difference in addressing the climate and nature crises.

This session offered an informative, interactive and lively discussion on innovative financing for peatland protection, conservation, and restoration. There was a strong emphasis on the importance of engaging local communities to identify innovation, what works best on the ground and to maximize benefit sharing and co-leadership for conservation and restoration projects and plans.