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GLF Digital Conference – Why peatlands Matter for Food Security

Published by: Julie Van Offelen on June 10, 2020 Author:

On June 3rd, the Global Peatlands Initiative, in collaboration with the International Tropical Peatlands Center and CIFOR, held an event on “Why peatlands matter for food security” at the Global Landscape Forum Digital Summit to support the exchange of knowledge and experiences between tropical peatland countries, experts and civil society.

During the event, speakers shared their perspectives in the following areas:

  • Lessons from Indonesia and Peru expressing that peatlands are not suitable areas for large scale agriculture due to their acidic, nutrient-poor and flooded soil conditions
  • Key messages from tropical peatland researchers and communities sharing their knowledge of different peatlands livelihood options
  • Government commitments and interest in gaining access to tools that support sustainable peatlands management while helping to empower and support economic opportunities for local communities

The session, moderated by Jeremy Van Loon, CIFOR, provided a platform for exchanging knowledge and experience between outstanding panelists including:

  • Alue Dohong (Vice Minister, Ministry Environment and Forestry Republic of Indonesia);
  • Gabriel Quijandría Acosta (Vice Minister of Strategic Development of Natural Resources, Ministry of Environment, Peru);
  • Jean Jacques Bambuta (DRC National Coordinator and Focal Point of Peatlands, Democratic Republic of Congo);
  • Geogine LUMBA-LOBENGO from l’AFPEQ (Association of Pygmy Women, DRC)
  • Roch Germain Mpassi-Moumpassi (Director-General of Sustainable Development Ministry of Tourism and Environment, Republic of the Congo);
  • Gerard Bondeko (Communities Coordinator, Lac Télé Community Reserve, Republic of Congo);
  • Zulaili Isnaini Habib, Lecturer of Anthropology, University of Riau, Indonesia;
  • Dompas Ghedang Cemerlang, Forest Farmer Group (Kelompok Tani Hutan/KTH), Riau, Indonesia;
  • Sue Page (Tropical Peatlands Researcher, University of Leicester).

Watch the recorded session here:

To read more about the outcomes of the meeting, please read the dedicated ITPC article.

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