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Peatlands RRA is the topic of discussion at the Global Landscapes Forum

Published by: on December 5, 2022
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  • 19/12/2017

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Region Global

How to monitor peatlands holistically … and practically

Published 20/09/2022
How can we tell whether peatland restoration is going well? Do we measure the water table; ask the locals about their

Theme Restoration


Zombie fires are ravaging peatlands in France

Sep 30

When Napoleon III ordered the draining of the peatlands of south-west France in 1857 (Cuzacq, 1877), he had no idea that

Standardising what we measure in peatlands research

Sep 30

To protect, restore and sustainably manage peatlands, it is necessary to develop and implement effective government

How countries can tackle devastating peatland wildfires

Aug 31

Today, a major wildfire in France has destroyed thousands of hectares of forest and forced many people to flee their

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