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Genesis and development of an interfluvial peatland in the central Congo Basin since the Late Pleistocene

Published 27/02/2023 By D. Hawthorne, I. T. Lawson, G. C. Dargie, Y. E. Bocko, S. A. Ifo, Y. Garcin, E. Schefuß, W. Hiles, A. J. Jovani-Sancho, G. Tyrrell, G. E. Biddulph, A. Boom, B. M. Chase, P. Gulliver, S. E. Page, K. H. Roucoux, S. Sjögersten, D. M. Young, S. L. Lewis
Abstract The central Congo Basin contains the largest known peatland complex in the tropics. Here we present a

Allometric equation for Raphia laurentii De Wild, the commonest palm in the central Congo peatlands

Apr 30

Abstract The world’s largest tropical peatland lies in the central Congo Basin. Raphia laurentii De Wild, the most