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Intact peatlands with native trees, Les Barthes-de-l’Adour, Landes, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

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Genesis and development of an interfluvial peatland in the central Congo Basin since the Late Pleistocene

Feb 28

Abstract The central Congo Basin contains the largest known peatland complex in the tropics. Here we present a

Allometric equation for Raphia laurentii De Wild, the commonest palm in the central Congo peatlands

Apr 30

Abstract The world’s largest tropical peatland lies in the central Congo Basin. Raphia laurentii De Wild, the most

DRC updates their NDC to include peatlands

Apr 30

Overview The Congo Basin’s Cuvette Centrale is the largest single peatland complex in the tropics – approximately 145
Rwanda, Gisagara

Region Africa

GLF Accra Side Event: Peatlands restoration, conservation and sustainable management as an effective solution to climate change challenges in Africa with a focus on the Nile Basin

Published 12/11/2019 By Julie Van Offelen
Peatlands are unique ecosystems that are vital for societies. As a Nature Based Solution, they can contribute