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Why training peatlands researchers is fundamental to good decision-making for the climate and nature

Action is urgently needed to halt the destruction of peatlands and to restore degraded peatlands, so as to prevent and reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and protect wildlife habitats, but such action can only be taken when decision-makers have sufficient sound evidence on which to base their decisions.


Global Peatlands Assessment: The State of the World’s Peatlands

Peatlands are unique and rare ecosystems that, despite only covering around 3-4% of the planet’s land surface, they contain up to one-third of the world’s soil carbon, which is twice the amount of carbon as found in the world’s forests.


An effort by leading experts and institutions to save peatlands as the world’s largest terrestrial organic carbon stock and to prevent it being emitted into the atmosphere.


The Global Peatlands Initiative is a multi-partner effort, with the main objective of ensuring peatlands receive the political and scientific attention they deserve 

Latest news

Art, Culture and Nature merge in an Agreement to Protect Global Peatlands Locally

08 May, 2023

Peatland Finance event to showcase solutions and challenges

03 May, 2023

New study: Anthropogenic impacts on lowland tropical peatland biogeochemistry

03 April, 2023

Country Canada

Canada’s peatlands as a nature-based solution to climate change – Can-Peat kick-off & upcoming RE3 Conference

23 March, 2023

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The Virtual Peatlands Pavilion

The Virtual Peatlands Pavilion exists to complement the physical Peatlands Pavilion as a long-lasting resource and knowledge hub

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